Thursday, November 27, 2008

Prozac Thanksgiving

Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Public Attempt to Make Citizen's Arrest of Karl Rove

Dude you are NOT a dude!

Have you ever seen a late night or even mid day infomercial for the book "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" by Dean Graziosi? I have.

Each time I watch it, I'm like you are so NOT A GUY! I found this great clip where he says "I'm a 38 year old guy...." WAKE UP!

I'm not a hater! Seriously, good for him. That's why I refer to him as a him, even though he isn't a him. It's just every time I see that infomercial I'm like you're a CHICK.

So I surfed youtube and found this clip where he talk directly to you. Judge for yourself:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Primetime Sopranos Hits Daytime Mob

Anyone who follows the leading daytime soap opera General Hospital knows that Maximus Giambetti is in town visiting his son Max. The cast of General Hospital must be thrilled to be working with Vincent Pastori who made the character "Big Pussy" one of the most loved characters on Sopranos.

Maximus Giambetti arrives in town to visit his son Max the Don of Port Charles, or so he is lead to believe. Jason Morgan (the head of PC Mob) and friends all play along with the deception Max has his father believing. Some the gang, Diane and Spinelli have trouble with the idea; while others Carly and Maxie have fun with the change of events. Jason holds his temper while ordered to perform like a bodyguard. Although, Jason won't be able to keep up the charade much longer as his mentor is about to wage war with the Russians. It's hard to keep peace when you can't even text message anyone as Maximus Giambetti DEMANDS loyalty and respect for his son!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shows I miss: In the Heat of the Night

In the Heat of the Night

Do you remember the first time you saw Archie Bunker work with a black man! OMG. That's right our lovable, grumpy, racist moved on from his easy chair to Police Chief. What a cop he made. I loved that show. Solving crimes, giving messages, and just good drama is what, "In the Heat of the Night," provided.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Every year you are faced with choosing one show over another. If you are lucky your show is rebroadcast at another time, or you can catch it online. This way you can see all your shows!

Not all show are rebroadcast or online. Or you don't have the time to spend catching a show at another time. I mean we do have actual lifes that don't revolve around TV! Right ? You do, right?

So what do you choose:

Sunday Night:

8:00 Not Worth Mentioning.
9:00 You have to choose between Desperate Housewives and Cold Case! I guess I'll see cold case in the reruns.
10:00 Brothers and Sisters vs The Unit. This is tough one. It might be a flipper night (you know flipping back and forth and between both shows).

Monday Night:

8:00 Hands Down Terminator wins. I guess if you like dancing old people or office dude pretends to be spy - you might have a conflict.
9:00 TOUGHEST CHOICE DURING THE WEEK - Heroes, One Tree Hill, or Prison Break! God Bless CW for the rebroadcast of One Tree Hill on Sunday at 7 (which I actually remember to watch). As for Prison Break, it was looking like it had jump the shark anyway -- sorry guys! HEROES is my choice!
10:00 Unless it turns out that I like My Own Worst Enemy, I'll be in bed sleeping

Tuesday Night:

8:00 While Opportunity Knocks sounds cute, I believe game shows belong on during the day or 7 o'clock hour. I love House, but love him more as rerun. The biggest loser lost a long time ago. Now we are down to 90210 and NCIS. Yes, I admit it, I actually like 90210. However, I don't know that I want to relive my teens enough to watch it again over NCIS. I'll be hanging out with Gibbs and gang.
9:00 This hour we have three new shows to choose from, the Mentalist, Privileged and Fringe. GOD BLESS CW again if you like Privileged you can watch it Sunday night at 8 in a rebroadcast. It's actually an ok show; it’s nice to see a Reba star back on the aire. What can I say about Fringe...? I know I never liked X FILES!! Enough said. Yes, I'm watching the Mentalist. While, it’s no Psych, it grabbed me with it's own unique (happy face) hook!
10:00 In this hour you have Without a Trace and L&O SVU both great shows! Both shows I watch in Primetime and Reruns (again and again and again). I'll probably choose one show one week and the other the next. I know that I'll make up missed shows during the reruns.

Wednesday Night:

8:00 A lot to choose from if you don't like comedy. If you do, there's only one choice for you: PUSHING UP DAISIES. It's cute, funny, and entertaining.
9:00 If you’re a Gray's fan you'll probably be watching Private Practice. If your not, or you have taste you'll be watching Criminal Minds. It's a fast paced cop/ thriller/ adventure and drama all in one!
10:00 Lipstick Jungle was ok. It just wasn't as captivating as Dirty, Sexy, Money - that's where my set will be turned.

Thursday Night:

8:00 Smallville hasn't this show died yet? Survivor - needs a survivor on Wall Street episode (boring). You'll never learn my Moment of Truth. There's not enough money in the world to make an ass out me on National TV - I'll do it for free right here! I love Earl. He makes me laugh. I just like laughing at Ugly Betty more!
9:00 Tough call for the season premiere of CSI, why why did they kill the black guy? I'll have to know that answer. So my boys over at SuperNatural might miss me for a week or two. Don't fret I'll be back with them right after I find out. I can always catch CSI in the reruns. For those of you who have to watch Grays, it's online!
10:00 ER are you serious? Kill the show already! I hear nothing about Life on Mars actually. The name just doesn't grab me. I'll probably be checking out Eleventh Hour. If it’s not good, I'll just go to bed early.

Friday Night:

8:00 I don't hate Chris. I just don't watch Chris. Melinda Gordon has my Ghost fascination attention all on her! Is there really anything else worth mentioning?
9:00 Not much of a selection. However, I love to sing. It's always fun to see if I'll remember the lyrics!
10:00 20/20 is only good if they have a particular story that grabs your attention. Life I hear is going to get cancelled (already rumors!). Numb3rs has my vote! Besides we have a cliff hanger here with Professor Brother now on the terrorists watch list (or something like that). Hey it's Friday night GO OUT ALREADY - help our economy!

Saturday Night:

Does it really matter? Aren't you out on a date? Well go out by yourself, live a little.

I didn't mention any of the Premium Cable shows, because I can watch those ON DEMAND. I love Weeds, Curb, Dexter, Big Love, and others... As for the other cable channels I watch many of those shows. The problem is that they can't figure out if they are having summer shows, winter shows, fall shows or year round shows. When I figure out what they are doing, I'll be watching Nip Tuck, Damages, Army Wives, and others.

Well now you know my thoughts on what's on. What do you think? What will you be watching